About Us

At Pro Ecclesia Publishers we are dedicated to the promotion of good Christian Literature to the glory of the Lord God. 

We are based in Armadale in Western Australia where we were founded in January 1981. 

We were originally set-up primarily to serve the members of the Free Reformed Churches in Australia. Our publications (and other books sold by us) are now available to the wider community.

We publish a variety of books including but not limited to publications about the following subjects:
  • historical fiction;
  • church history; 
  • bible study;
  • ethics;
  • daily life;
  • doctrine; and
  • the reformed confessions
Books are either written by members of our churches, or are translated into the English language (usually from Dutch). Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about our books or would like to order a copy.

We work closely with Pro Ecclesia Printers and Pro Ecclesia Bookshop who print and sell our books. We are extremely grateful for the work done by our staff. Most of this work is done on a voluntary basis.

All three of Pro Ecclesia's operations (Publishers, Printers and Bookshop) operate under the supervision of the Association of the Advancement of Christian Literature.  All those involved in this Association are members of the Free Reformed Churches in Australia.

Pro Ecclesia's Bookshop is located on Forrest Road in  Armadale, Western Australia.  The shop sells a wide variety of christian books to the local community, including those published by ourselves and others. Items available are not limited to books. The Bookshop also sells items such as Bibles, cards, gifts and other items. Further details about the shop are located here.